Annie Skullgirls Mobile – Tabletop Fighters playing Cards

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Skullgirls Mobile is an amazing game and a new character is about to be released: Annie, the Star Girl! We’re getting to know the new variants each day, but I already created the Annie’s Card Set a long time ago 😉

Remember that you need Dragon Fighters or Musha Shugyo RPG to play using these cards with your friends. You can preorder Dragon Fighters or buy Musha Shugyo RPG from hereAnyone who’ll preorder Dragon Fighters before it’s released, will receive amazing exclusives, don’t miss it.

Do you want to have a taste of the Dragon Fighters Gameplay? Go on and download the Dragon Fighters Quickstart here!

If you preorder any Dragon Fighters product, contact us and you’ll receive a special digital gift FOR FREE. You just have to comment on this post.

Did you miss the previous post with Umbrella’s Character Cards and basic Tabletop Fighters rules? Go on and read it here. We will publish more information on the Tabletop Fighter rule-set as soon as Acchiappasogni, the Dragon Fighters publisher, releases them. 

Annie Character Cards

Like in Skullgirls Mobile, Annie has many Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond variants: we still don’t know about those in the actual Skullgirls Mobile game, but you can go on and download our variants! Can you guess who are the sources of inspiration for the color palettes? Go on and comment on this post! 😀

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  1. Red Dragon ha detto:

    Aiuto! Il sito mi è diventato in inglese! Come si fa a rimetterlo in Italiano?

    Ciao 🙂

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